Western Genital Mutilation a.k.a. Cosmetic Genital Surgery performed on Children. Switzerland 14th Universal Periodic Review 2012. ( PDF )

Intersex Genital Mutilation – IGM: The Fourteen Days of Intersex ( PDF )

Zum Umgang mit Varianten der Geschlechtsentwicklung. Ethische Fragen zur «Intersexualität» ( Nationale Ethikkommission im Bereich Humanmedizin NEK-CNE ) ( PDF )
Attitude à adopter face aux variations du développement sexuel. Questions éthiques sur l’« intersexualité » ( Commission nationale d’éthique pour la médecine humaineNEK-CNE) ( PDF )
On the management of differences of sex development. Ethical issues relating to “intersexuality” ( Swiss National Advisory Commission on Biomedical EthicsNEK-CNE ) ( PDF )

Intersexualität. Stellungnahme ( Deutscher Ethikrat ) ( PDF )
Intersexualité. Avis ( Conseil d’Ethique allemand ) ( PDF )
Intersexuality. Opinion ( German Ethics Council ) ( PDF )

Dokumentation. Intersexualität im Diskurs (Deutscher Ethikrat ) ( PDF )

Intersexualité. Des sexes en question dans les sociétés occidentales. Mémoire de maîtrise

«The Dex Diaries, part 9: The Real Silent Majority: A legal advocate speaks out about the real silent majority in the dex story». Fetishes I don’t get: Thoughts on Life, Love, and Lust. ( PDF )

Hinter Unterschieden versteck sich die Normalität – Jörg Woweries ( PDF )


Princess Boys, Trans Girls, Queer Youth. Social Action Research Project : Parenting a « gender creative » child in today’s society. Canada. ( PDF )
Garçons princesses, filles transgenres, jeunes altersexuels – rapport de recherche en action sociale : Éduquer un enfant créatif sur le plan du genre dans la société d’aujourd’hui. Canada ( PDF )

Impacts of strong parental support for trans youth: A Trans PULSE report prepared for Children’s Aid Society of Toronto and Delisle Youth Services ( PDF )

How young children remain autonomous in expressing their gender identity: parent perceptions of the experiences had by their gender nonconforming child in the early childhood education environment. ( PDF )

( abstract ) Little is known about the young gender nonconforming child’s experience in the Early Childhood Education (ECE) setting. It is thus difficult to know how to best support them in their expression of their gender identity. This paper looked at autonomy in young gender nonconforming or gender-questioning children in relation to expressing their gender identity in the ECE environment. This paper sought to answer the questions of how autonomous the young gender nonconforming child is and if teacher support in the ECE setting facilitate the young gender nonconforming child’s expression of their gender identity. Parents and legal guardians of gender nonconforming children between the ages of 3.7 and 11.5 years old, solicited from parent support groups and websites for families of gender nonconforming children completed an online survey. Questions in the survey addressed child autonomy and teacher and school support. These data provided insight into the young gender nonconforming child’s autonomy in expressing their gender identity in the ECE setting and how educators can support these children in their developing sense of self.

Addressing the Disturbed Like Ripples in Water, Networking for Children Who Transe. Communication à la conférence « Pleasure and Health by education, councelling and treatment », 04.07.10, Helsinki. Annual conference of the Nordic Association for Clinical Sexology (NACS). ( PDF )

Cornwall Schools Transgender Guidance ( PDF )

Trans Youth Equality Foundation (TYEF). (2012). Stealth in school. TYEF – Transwaves Podcast Program

Trans Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing Study ( PDF )

( abstract ) Anecdotal evidence among trans groups suggested trans people are experiencing high levels of depression, anxiety, self-harm and suicidal ideation related to transphobic discrimination experiences and lack of appropriate health service provision ( especially in regard to lack of access to timely, good quality and patient-centred NHS gender reassignment services ). Therefore, during 2012 the Scottish Transgender Alliance, in partnership with TransBareAll, the Trans Resource and Empowerment Centre, Traverse Research and Sheffield Hallam University, conducted research into trans mental health and wellbeing.

Livre blanc. Etat civil et Population Trans. Droits bafoués et violation de la vie privée ( PDF )

( abstract ) Ce livre blanc est le fruit de notre expérience concrète de plusieurs années sur le terrain concernant le cadre juridique actuel en France. C’est un cadre qui, comme nous le verrons, fragilise de façon parfois significative les personnes concernées, ainsi que certaines personnes de leur entourage. […] Nos recherches ont eu pour objectif la compréhension de ce problème dans l’espoir de proposer des solutions que nous souhaitons compatibles avec ces différents principes et susceptibles de garantir une meilleure protection de la population concernée. Elles nous ont amené par conséquent à considérer de plus près, notamment, les sources et concepts clés, ainsi que les problématiques convergentes, telles que la volonté de la personne, la conviction intime et les droits d’autrui.

Changing for the better. How to include trans people in your workplace a guide for employers ( PDF )

( abstract ) This guide is a practical resource for organisations specifically wanting to ensure that their workplaces are supportive and inclusive of their trans staff. It outlines employers’ legal obligations and examines the nature of anti-trans discrimination and harassment, and the impact that this type of discrimination can have on individual staff members, the working environment, productivity and an organisation’s external reputation. The guide includes 10 simple steps organisations can take to ensure their existing workplace policies and procedures work better for their current and future trans staff.