To Be Who I Am. Report of the Inquiry into Discrimination Experienced by Transgender People ( PDF )


Engendered Penalties: Transgender and Transsexual People’s Experiences of Inequality and Discrimination, The Equalities Review

( abstract ) “It is the ‘transphobic’ response of other members of society that results in trans people experiencing inequality or discrimination. Whatever the basis for that response, the evidence from the many cases that have gone before UK tribunals and courts, and the European courts, indicates that trans people’s experiences of inequalities and discrimination should not be dismissed as them being ‘over-sensitive’. Recent research by Hill and Willoughby (2005) reviewed the current academic knowledge on the experience of the effects of transphobia in various settings. Most research on the subject of transgender has reported high levels of victimisation including harassment by strangers on the street, verbal abuse, assault with a weapon, and/or sexual assault (Gagne et al. 1996 and Lombardi et al. 2001 cited in Hill and Willoughby 2005), trauma and sexual assault as children and adolescents (Gehring and Knudson 2005, Ryan and Rivers 2003) and this is further supported by the work of Moran and Sharpe 2004, Xavier 2000 and Whittle 2002.”

tranZnation, a report on the health and wellbeing of transgender people in Australia and New Zealand ( PDF )

( abstract ) “This research has its beginnings in an act of transgender activism, arising as it did out of dissatisfaction with the capacity of the 2005 Private Lives project (Pitts, Smith, Mitchell, & Patel, 2006, p. 65) to capture the complexity of transgender lives. A central pivot in the concerns of the transgender communities about health services is that of recognition. Practices of medicine are implicated in many of the attempts by transgender people to achieve positive health and self- and social recognition for their preferred gender. Additionally, recognition on formal documentary records is, in many cases, dependent upon certified medical intervention.”

To Be Who I Am. Report of the Inquiry into Discrimination Experienced by Transgender People ( PDF )

Personnes trans’, quels enjeux de santé ?  ( PDF )

The health, healthrelated needs, and lifecourse experiences of transgender Virginians ( PDF )